We are Big Chill

We are Big Chill 2I wrote the last post sitting in We are Big Chill, a large Victorian pub, which, during the day at least, is a relaxed bar/cafe selling beers, reasonable coffee with a breakfast, brunch and lunch menu – plus free wi-fi.

There were a few people who didn’t like the breakfast – and seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of complaining – perhaps they wanted to prove to each other that they didn’t take any nonsense… I was pleased when they did decide to leave and their table was taken by a group of men who seemed to be on a Stag night. They seemed like a bunch of working men – it was a relief when their conversation turned to UKIP that one of them started talking about all the jobs we rely on immigrants to do, including working in hospitals etc and another about telling a colleague he didn’t want to hear a racist joke.

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